Captain Book sails the Pacific…

Captain Book aboard the EsmereldaMe crew and meself rode mules from our anchorage to Lahaina Harbor. We were surprised at the sight of a fine four master sittin’ not far from shore.  It was a proud Chilean pirate vessel… all shine and polish. She’d struck her skull and cross bone flag to avoid giving fright to those rowin’ about in pinnaces or lingering on shore. Her sails were furled snug in their boots. The lanyards and halyards were neatly trimmed. It delighted me ears to learn that this ship was also a ship, Named Many Volumes, was loaded with books.  Even so there aren’t words to describe my delight when her commander, Captain Chapters,  invited me aboard to take command of the learned ship. Quartermaster, Jan, sketched me visage standin’ on the ship’s bowsprit, pointin’ your direction, proud as a pheasant.

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