Makin’ a sail on a sailing ship….

Old sailing shipLookin’ at the likeness o’ the Good Ship Literacy, an observant bloke will note the prevalence o’ sails on a pirate ship. Ye see all those seams in the sails and the ropes attached to them? There be proper names for each.

To make a sail ye’ll want to be┬áseaming the clothes together; cutting the gores; tabling and sewing on the reef, belly, lining, and buntline bands, roping and marling on the clues and foot-rope. Do these actions and ye’ll be ready to mount the sail.

Aye ye will.

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  1. DR LaVoie says:

    Thank you for posting such a lovely photo, although I hope I do not disappoint you too much, by letting you know that this is actually Whaling Bark. I’m not able to make out the name, however the rig is undeniable, as well as the whale boats alongside. I have been painting these for more than 40 years. Someone must have Photo Shopped the line aft with the flags attached.
    Kind regards, the Scrimshander

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