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Captain Book inspires kids to read

Committed to inspiring San Diego County children to read, Captain Book and a merry crew of Kiwanis Club of Carlsbad pirates are putting the treasure of free books in the hands and homes of children who may not otherwise have them.

How it got started
Captain Book, aka retired theatre professor Morris Pike, started the project in 2000, when he became president of Kiwanis of Greater Encinitas.

 “I looked for a need to fill and came up with children’s literacy,” Pike said. “Since we started, we have given more than 150,000 books for children to take home as their own and have presented an average of 70 live programs a year. In 2018, the Captain Book Literacy Foundation became part of the Kiwanis Club of Carlsbad.”

How the program works
Several times each month throughout the school year Captain Book and his crew of Carlsbad Pirates travel to Head Starts, public school classrooms and libraries to read, tell stories and sing songs with the children. They end the visit by giving a free book to every child in attendance.

The research
The Captain Book Literacy Foundation mission is based on research studies that show:

  1. The number of books in the child's home heavily impacts success in school and

  2. The presence of books in the home is more important than the parent's education level or economic status, whether a child was reared in China, the United States, or where ever

The message is clear
 Books are the greatest treasure of all – because - if you can read books, you can go anywhere you want to go and be whatever you want to be.  As the Captain says, “We read, We read, We read – dah!”

Your money buys books
Captain Book and the Kiwanis Club of Carlsbad donate their time and talents to children’s literacy because they believe that reading is the cornerstone of education and the ability to read will help a child for the rest of his life.  

Please help them promote children’s literacy by giving money to buy books.


Dear Captain Book,

I wanted to say thank you for the very impressive presentation the other day. You are AMAZING!!! The kids are so excited about reading and their new treasure chest of books. I honestly think that the book treasures will be more valuable than the prizes that I give out in class. I am very happy about that. Your stories were so engaging and you truly had the attention of all the children including ones that are sometimes more challenging. The kids loved your stories and tricks. You really instilled in them a love of reading and the lessons are something they will take with them for a lifetime.”

Thank you,

Holly Gorman, 1st grade teacher,
Rosa Parks Elementary, Riverside, California


Donate :)

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Captain Book is a recognized program of  The Patriots Connection

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