Books Are The Greatest Treasure Of All!

Because Literacy is important to children’s success in school and in their future, the Mission of the Captain Book Literacy Foundation is to get books into the hands and homes of children who need them, in ways that will inspire them to read.

Placing books in the hands of kids…
… Puts reading in their future

The good pirates of Captain Book’s Literacy Program and the board members of the Captain Book Literacy Foundation, believe that books are the greatest treasure of all and that getting books in the hands and homes of children, increases their chances of a better life.


Thank you for making me interested in pirates. The most interesting fact I learned was that the most important treasure is not gold or jewels or anything like that. The most important treasure is knowledge. You inspired me to read more by showing me the treasure.

I like to read. It is fun because if you read you will learn and get better and if you don’t read you won’t learn then you won’t get better. If you don’t, you won’t know how to read then your will not learn and you don’t want that.
I wanted to say thank you for the very impressive presentation the other day. You are AMAZING!!! The kids are so excited about reading and their new treasure chest of books. I honestly think that the book treasures will be more valuable than the prizes that I give out in class. I am very happy about that. Your stories were so engaging and you truly had the attention of all the children including ones that are sometimes more challenging. The kids loved your stories and tricks. You really instilled in them a love of reading and the lessons are something they will take with them for a lifetime.
Holly G., 1st Grade Teacher, Rosa Parks Elementary

How To Help

You can help Captain Book’s reading pirates stamp out the “ill” in illiteracy…

Every dollar you give, helps Captain Book and his crew of reading pirates get books into the hands and homes of kids who need them.

Donations are tax deductible and every gift, whether one book or a pallet, makes a difference.