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Placing books in the hands of kids...
... Puts reading in their future

The good pirates of Kiwanis Club of Carlsbad believe that getting books in the hands and homes of children who may not ordinarily have them, stimulates their love of reading and increases their success in learning. With that as their mission, they proudly present the NEW Captain Book Literacy Program.

It all started in 2000, when the reading pirate Captain Book (aka Dr. Morris Pike) dressed in fun pirate attire and traveled to schools and agencies that care for and educate young children. Since that time, thousands of children have free books to treasure and keep as their own.

To learn how easy it is to help the Kiwanis Club of Carlsbad continue the Captain Book Literacy Program or how easy it is to invite members of the crew to your child’s classroom or library, just peer into the depths of this website.


Dear Captain Book,
Thank you for making me interested in pirates. The most interesting fact I learned was that the most important treasure is not gold or jewels or anything like that. The most important treasure is knowledge. You inspired me to read more by showing me the treasure.



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Captain Book is a recognized program of  The Patriots Connection

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